What Is Tea Beer And How Healthy Is It?

What Is Tea Beer And How Healthy Is It?

The popularity of tea has not been extinguished over many centuries, the same way as beer, so it’s not surprising that the next big trend would be to mix tea with beers, and so fashionable in recent years – craft beer. Many breweries are now soaking tea into their beers to add an extra hit of flavor, and it’s been a hit.

People also seem to think that adding tea to beer can enhance the health benefits of it. Yes, they think it can make beer more healthy to consume.

What Is Tea Beer?

Obviously, it is as easy to define as the name it goes by. It is a beer infused with tea. Raw tea or tea blends are steeped in beer while the beer brews to change the flavor. Many different sorts of teas can be used to be mixed into the beer and add different flavors. It takes a bit of trial and error, but the results are pretty satisfying.

Health Benefits Of Beer

Of course, beer drinkers are thrilled at the idea of adding something “healthy” to their favorite beverage as it just gives them another excuse to keep drinking. More and more people are touting the so-called health benefits of beer as they encourage people to drink it.

The evidence isn’t necessarily there to support that. There are many different types of alcohol, and there isn’t really a lot of proof that there are health benefits. Studies focus on comparing types of alcoholic drinks to each other, like beer to sparkling wine, etc.

There really isn’t proof to say one alcoholic drink is better than the other, except maybe in alcohol content. Finding that beer gives the same benefits as wine isn’t really beneficial because neither is drank just for that effect. All drinking should be done in moderation anyway.

Beer companies themselves actually fund much of that so-called research so of course, they are biased. Usually, if people want a healthy beer they look for low-calorie options or even non-alcoholic beverages. This isn’t something that craft breweries tend to focus on.

Instead, they choose to do more about flavor than anything else. Yes, there are quite a few things from the tea that steeps into beer. This includes anti-oxidants and natural minerals but only in very small amounts that totally don’t change the effects overall of the beer or their health status. They are still in fact just 99.9 percent beer.

People also aren’t looking overall for healthy beer, they are looking for a good tasting beer that can give them a buzz that they crave. If they wanted health benefits, they probably would not drink beer which can have adverse side effects over time or if they drink too much.

It is also possible for people to make their own tea infused beer at home to try it. If you make some tea and then blend it yourself with beer, you can lower the alcohol content and potentially the calorie count as well. That’s something similar but the fun you can do to change things up at home.

A lot of people enjoy a beer at the end of the day or to help handle the heat during the summer. There isn’t anything wrong with that at all as long as you drink safely and in moderation. Trying to use alcohol to get so-called health benefits though isn’t a wise idea.



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