Safe Beer Brinking: How Much Beer Is Too Much?

Safe Beer Brinking: How Much Beer Is Too Much?

Alcohol affects individuals on different levels. It is very difficult to generalize what is considered to be “too much drinking” when it comes to moderating alcohol consumption. Even health specialists try to play it safe by giving guidelines rather than stating an exact amount for every individual.

It is believed that one-third of the total American youths drink excessive alcohol. This is massive, considering the ignorance of most people who are abusing alcohol without even knowing it. The subdivision of drinkers into “moderate” and “alcoholic” is very wrong. A lot of people drink excessively with the thought that they still fall within the “moderate drinker” range.

So, how much alcohol is too much? It is medically considered excessive if a man drinks fifteen or more beers in a week while a woman shouldn’t surpass seven drinks in a week. Consideration for what is moderate drinking by the NIAAA is,

(5% alcohol) — 12 fl oz of beer

(7% alcohol) — 8-9 fl oz of malt liquor

(12% alcohol) — 5 fl oz of table wine

(40% alcohol) — A shot of spirits

What is a safe beer amount?

Beer has its health benefits if taken within moderation and not abused. What is considered heavy drinking with beer is taking beyond 2 or more 12-ounce glasses a day. Also, there is the question of how many beers it takes to get drunk. This varies depending on tolerance, but drinking up to four beers in an hour is considered to be excessive.

What happens when you drink too much beer? Breaching the moderate zone by drinking a lot of beer could have both mild and extreme effects. Consuming too many beers at once could cause side effects such as:

  • seizures
  • impaired breathing
  • low blood sugar
  • vomiting
  • confusion
  • drowsiness
  • and a lot more

One of the significant long term effects of drinking beer every day is addiction.

Why does beer affect men and women differently?

If a male and a female who weighs the same consume the same amount of alcohol, there is a greater chance that the woman would get affected by it more. Despite the fact that alcohol slows metabolism in both sexes, the reason is that women metabolize alcohol differently because they have less body water and a higher liver-to-lean-body-mass ratio. Also, research suggests that women are more vulnerable to alcohol-related organ damage than men, although men have a higher chance of becoming alcohol-dependent.

Dangers or consequences of drinking too much beer

Drinking beer excessively would have similar effects of alcohol consumption on your health as other types of alcohol. Whether it’s a single occasion or over a long period of time, drinking too much beer can affect every organ of the body since it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Some of the health effects of excessive drinking are;

Liver and pancreas damage

The liver can only metabolize alcohol in small amounts at a time. So, taking too much beer would leave excess alcohol to circulate in the body. The adverse health implication of this on health is that it may lead to liver damage, and that can cause liver scarring and inflammation. Additionally, one can suffer indigestion if the pancreas produces pancreatitis as a result of excess drinking.

Brain damage

Drinking a lot of beer can affect the brain’s functionality and also disrupt the brain’s communication pathway. If the behavior is not stopped early enough, it may cause permanent damage that will lead to behavioral changes and an inability to control organ functions.

Heart disease

If you drink a lot of beer regularly, you are prone to suffer heart damage that may result in high blood pressure, stroke, irregular heartbeats, and many more.

Increased cancer risk

Any part of the body that the alcohol comes in contact with the alcohol is at risk of developing cancer. Cancer of the mouth, esophagus, tongue are some of the possible risks here. The more beer is consumed, the higher that risk becomes.

Immune system failure

If you drink too much beer, you are at risk of a weakened immune system, which will make your body very vulnerable to other harmful diseases.



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