Non Alcoholic Beers – The Five Best Brands You Must Try!

Non Alcoholic Beers – The Five Best Brands You Must Try!

Who said good beer has to get you a little tipsy? If you don’t agree, then have a few sips of any of the top five best non alcoholic beers in the world. Discover them below!

Even though living the alcohol drinking life can be of much fun, it’s a good idea to take a drinking time out to give your liver a break once in a while. The good news currently is that there are certain non-alcoholic beers that that are quite fulfilling. You can really enjoy them in plentiful as soon as you decide to take a break from drinking. ‘Near beers,’ as these non-alcoholic beers are sometimes called, in the end, tend to have some alcohol content. However, the ABV normally doesn’t go beyond 0.5%.

Five of the best 5 non-alcoholic beers in the world are:

BrewDog Nanny State

BrewDog Nanny State, a Scottish brewer, is widely known for its radical marketing stunts as its award-winning beers. BrewDog Nanny State has also been very vocal about bad beer. It doesn’t like it at all. As an alternative BrewDog likes what the bottle label declares, ‘beer that truly tastes of something’- or if you like ‘beer with soul and objective.’

For lots of non-alcoholic companies, the trickiest part of brewing beers is to give a sustaining depth of flavor, and this is where BrewDog really shines. This Scottish ale is filled with hopes, including Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe, and Amarillo. From the first sip, you’ll certainly get the depth of flavor with a bit of citrus punch, a little hit of lemon, plus icing sugar on the nose. Nevertheless, this vanishes fast, and after placing its original punch, this beer feels slightly thin. By saying that, it’s still full of flavor.

Nix Zero Premium Wheat Beer

Nix, is the only beer in the United Kingdom to brew all its beers in line with the German Purity Rules of 1516. However, some people would disagree with that. Only 4 basic ingredients are used; malt, water, hops, and yeast. To make Nix Zero, wheat beer is brewed to ‘time-kept’ German customs before ‘gradually’ removing the alcohol towards the end. This leaves the flavor intact. Do you think they are right? Well, the beer pours properly, retains its head, and has the fine chewy, banana, bubble-gum, and clove aroma you’d expect from a real Hefeweizen. Beers having little alcohol sometimes end up a bit watery, though this holds together well, with a massive, wide mouthfeel. And even though there is a small vinegar note, Nix remains an impressive beer.

Erdinger Weizen Alkoholfrei

This German beer brewer has been producing its Bavarian wheat beer for more than a century now. Obviously, it should know something about improving the stunning, banana- flavor and smell you anticipate. This variety too delivers the sweet, banana smell, and in addition, you get that full-rounded flavor with each sip. The beer is however quite thin, and the flavor vanishes fast, and it comes with a very grainy, cereal undertone that could make the taste feel a bit incomplete.

Schneider Weisse Mein Alkoholfreies

Schneider Weisse Mein Alkoholfreies is another German wheat beer. These guys are just good at what they do. As the beer hails from one of the most well-known German wheat beer breweries, you’d obviously expect it to be excellent. The beer has some beautiful toasted notes on the nose; then there is a slightly burnt sugar. And even though it’s initially a bit sour, it turns out to be soft and super tasty with a little maltiness and clove spice. The most notable aspect of this beauty is the wide mouthfeel and body, and you’ll also love the way it keeps its bubbles.

Franziskaner Alkoholfrei

Franziskaner Alkoholfrei, an award-winning beer remains close to the other mentioned wheat beers, delivering banana, citrus, and spice. Even though the beer has flavor, one impressive thing about it is its complete mouthfeel. With various non-alcohol beers being a bit thin, Franziskaner Alkoholfrei is one beer that feels big and extensive when you taste it, and it comes complete with an active quantity of carbonation. Though the aroma is a bit weak and some chewy, slightly toasted notes make it feel a bit inappropriate, these are minor faults in what is truly an enjoyable drink.



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