Like Soft Drinks with Sweet Aroma?- Try Ginger Beer!

Like Soft Drinks with Sweet Aroma?- Try Ginger Beer!

Being a non-alcoholic beverage, Ginger Beer will suit those who prefer refreshing, safe for health drinks. Read on about top Ginger Beers.

One of the many reasons why you’ll fall in love with ginger beer is that it masks any alcohol flavor. But what exactly is ginger beer? Well, there’s a lot to understand about this type of brew. Read on, and in a few minutes, you’ll have all the details.

What Is Ginger Beer?

Ginger beer is a soft drink produced by fermenting ginger, sugar, and water. It’s turned fizzy and comes with a tasty and sweet aroma. Even though the name is close to ginger ale, there is some slight difference. Ginger beer has a more powerful flavor and is not as fizzy as ale, and it’s also has a less sugary taste.

In contrast to its designation, ginger beer is not alcoholic despite the fact its origins point to it being alcohol. Though in the 1800s it was normally enjoyed in England with an ABV of roughly around 12%, the modern-day ginger beer doesn’t have similar alcoholic content.  These days the ABV can’t go past 0.5%, categorizing it as a non-alcoholic beverage. Therefore, it’s not just a ginger flavored drink, but it is its own unique beer.

Which Are the Best Ginger Beers?

Certain attributes make ginger beers worth your while. These attributes include:

  • Spicy: going down it should burn a bit, then leave a pleasurable feeling on your lips.
  • Sweetness: Ginger beers are a little less sweet than ginger ale.
  • Fresh: The best taste like freshly juiced ginger.
  • Purity: Should have slightly more than spring water, fresh ginger, and natural cane sugar plus perhaps a dash of citric acid for zest/citrus juice.
  • Clarity: crystal clear with caramel color

With the criteria in mind, here are some of the best ginger beers you can try:

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

This Seattle-based brewer, Marshall Rachel now provides a large variety of fruit-spiked alcohol-free ginger beers. This includes white peach, pink guava, blueberry, blood orange, plus the classic original. This is the finest ginger beer you may ever have in your lifetime.  

Regatta Ginger Beer

It’s fresh and zesty, lightly carbonated, with a lot of gingery bite. No hurting after-burn though. Regatta ginger beer has an exciting cloudy look and almost chalky texture, made by mixing African ginger and Caribbean in traditional stone crocks.

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

It’s not only the sweetest but the only one that proudly bears the title of an ale rather than beer. Nevertheless, it still shares a lot of similarities with ginger beers. At one fell swoop, with its fruity, nearly tropical, candy-like sweet taste, it’s obviously sweeter than the ginger beers. You can give this ale a try when you come across it and you’ll agree that it’s nothing other than wonderful.

Goya Jamaican Style Ginger Beer

Among all, it is without a doubt the spiciest. Goya Jamaican Style ginger beer comes with a backend burn similar to that of straight whiskey, the heat develops as you keep on drinking. Just don’t drink it too fast. Going up into your sinuses is the last thing you would want. Ouch! Goya Jamaican Style is certainly not as fresh as some of the other ginger beers, maybe you’d like it if you give it a try!



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