Beer in the World: Crazy and Funny Myths and Facts about Beer

Beer in the World: Crazy and Funny Myths and Facts about Beer


  1. Did you know there’s actually a word for being upset when you’ve finished your beer? The term is cenosillicaphobia, and means the fear of an empty beer glass.
  2. Anyone who has imbibed to excess has probably experienced a hangover the next day. Some might even be familiar with headaches lasting more than 24 hours. But the world record goes to a Scotsman who, after consuming a reported 60 pints of beer, had a hangover lasting for four weeks. Ouch!
  3. In Thailand, there is a temple called the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, which literally translates to Wilderness Temple of the Great Glass Pagoda. It also called the Temple of a Million Bottles, as it constructed out of over a million Heineken and Chang (a local beer) beer bottles! Monks helped construct the temple as a means to help with waste disposal and promote a green lifestyle.
  4. Using Heineken brand bottles wasn’t a random selection, as Alfred Heineken had designed square shaped bottles that interlock like Lego bricks to support building affordable housing in impoverished countries. He was inspired on vacation in Curacao, where he saw locals struggling with housing needs, and thought it could be solved using the litter, like beer bottles, on the beach.
  5. In Argentina, the major political parties produce their own craft beers. The Peronist Party offers the Evita lager, Montonera red beer, 17 de Octubre stout, and Doble K beer. The Radical Party produces a beer called Hipolita in three forms, as a lager, red and dark.
  6. Would you rather win a Nobel Prize or a lifetime supply of beer pipelined directly into your house? Scientist Niels Bohr got both when he won the Nobel Prize in 1922 for his work in quantum mechanics. After winning the award, the Carlsberg brewery gave Bohr a house attached to the brewery by a beer tap that piped beer directly into his home.
  7. Ever wished you could enjoy a nice tap beer on a flight? Unfortunately, a regular beer tap would never work on a plane, as it would produce only foam.
  8. Beer may help lower the risk factors of diabetes, and can even build stronger bones!
  9. Move over, Sonicare – studies show that beer can kill bacteria in the mouth, and cleans teeth.
  10. Snails and slugs are big drinkers! These pests love beer, so if you want to rid your garden or home of them, just place little capfuls of beer around at night.


  1. The beer has a lower alcohol content than other alcoholic beverages such as vodka or whiskey.

False! There are plenty of beers with shockingly high alcohol content. Snake Venom a beer by Scottish brewery called Brewmeister boasts the highest alcohol content of any beer, at a whopping 67.5% alcohol. To put that into perspective, the average alcohol content of vodka is about 40%.

  1. Beer is just for drinking.

Nope! If you are creative enough, beer has many uses. Starkenberger, an innovative brewery in Austria, actually has seven beer-filled pools visitors can enjoy!

  1. McDonald’s doesn’t serve beer.

False! While the U.S. isn’t so lucky, the European countries France, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands all serve beer in McDonald’s. I’m lovin’ it!

  1. Beer and vaginas have nothing in common, right?

Wrong! Beer and vaginas have very similar pH levels, at an average of about 4.5.

  1. The beer has always been legal in Iceland.

No! The beer was actually illegal in Iceland until surprisingly recently, in 1989. Now, Reykjavik celebrates Bjordagur, or Beer Day, annually on March 1st.

  1. Beer is unhealthy and has no nutritional value.

False! If someone ever gives you grief about the healthiness of your craft beer habit, you can inform them that beer contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and more!

  1. Hops are harmless.

Warning! If you are a home brewer, you should be aware that hops are poisonous to pets, so make sure they cannot access the pellets.

  1. Beer is a man’s drink.

Sorry guys, but no! Plenty of women enjoy beer as their preferred beverage, and the first professional brewers were actually women!

  1. All malts contain gluten.

Sufferers of Celiac, rejoice! There are plenty of gluten-free beers out there because any grain can be malted to make beer, including gluten-free grains like rice.

  1. Beer should always be served as cold as possible.

False! While warm beer gets a bad rep, a little warmth can actually bring out the flavors in the beer.

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